Month: March 2018

Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Treatment

Spinal Cord of human

A traumatic blow to the spine can result in a severe spinal cord injury. A dislocation or fracture of the vertebrae resulting in compression can cause damage to the nerve cell extensions. These extensions or axons are responsible…

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Understanding the Medical Marvel that is Stem Cell Therapy

analysis of stem cell in lab

Medical advancements in the past few decades have devised exceptional cures to some of the most deadly diseases. Even so, arguably one of the most ingenious of advancements known to man is stem cell research. A swift and…

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What Is the Future of Stem Cell Therapy in India?

analysis of human body

Stem cell therapy has shown potential to cure many severe ailments. It is touted as future of medical treatments. Many new presents are preserving the stem cells of their newborn child to ensure their proper treatment when they…

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