Effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Treatment

Spinal Cord of human

A traumatic blow to the spine can result in a severe spinal cord injury. A dislocation or fracture of the vertebrae resulting in compression can cause damage to the nerve cell extensions. These extensions or axons are responsible for carrying signals from the brain to other parts of the body. There are different levels and types of spinal cord injury. The body below the neurological levels becomes dysfunctional in the complete injury. It occurs in the regions below which there are no motor functions to be performed. On the other hand, if some sensation or movement takes place below the point of injury, it is called an incomplete injury. This is a complex medical condition which is hard to treat with the conventional methods. In the past few years, research in the field of stem cell therapy has given the hopes of spinal cord injury treatment with a holistic approach.

How Can Stem Cells Prove Effective in This Condition?

The post-accident care in the case of spinal cord injury requires proper rehabilitation including occupational and physical therapies. They help the patients in dealing with this disease. The viability of autologous bone marrow stem cells and allogeneic human umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells is a matter of extensive research. In the recent times, it has received positive response and effectiveness in many use cases and clinical research studies.

The current treatments are proving ineffective to provide proper relief to the patients. They offer marginal benefits. Hence, focus is being laid on stem cell therapy especially Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that can be processed into neurons and glial cells and even best for all neurological disorder. These cells can be injected into the affected areas without causing any complications or negative effects. However, this stream is still under research and you should trust only a specialized clinic that provides treatment under the supervision of experienced doctors.

Are There Any Benefits of Stem Cells Treatment for This Condition?

A spinal cord injury can be extremely damaging to the nerves. It affects the system controlling the muscles of legs, arms, bowel, and bladder. In this condition where most of the spinal cord injury treatment methods have proved insufficient, stem cell therapy has emerged as a ray of hope. These cells grow into different types to repair the insulation surrounding the nerves and restore some functions of the nerves. It prevents further damages caused due to scarring in the affected areas.

It improves the sensory and motor functions in the patients helping them to lead an improved life. Also, it repairs and regenerates the injured tissue cells. With physiotherapy on completion of this treatment, their potential of maintaining a normal lifestyle increases. The cells are given proper environment for migrating and proliferating. There’s still a lot to be improved to make it more effective.

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