Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms and Cure


Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the condition in which a male person is unable to have an erection or conduct sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India has come a long way but it is important to understand the reasons that lead to this condition. Erectile Dysfunction can result from various changes in the body, and one’s current mental state. People diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction have found to be in a state of stress, have levels of mental discomfort which has been a major factor leading to this condition. While many cases of Erectile Dysfunction have led from psychological behaviors, nervous system, diabetes, hormonal reasons and so on. This is a very common scenario and the symptoms for the same can be seen through the following:

  • Inability to have an erection
  • Erections that do not last long
  • Penile Sensitivity

Proven Results

Erectile dysfunction conditions can create issues in one’s personal life and cause rift between sexual partners. The condition may not come in notice immediately, but when it does one must seek a cure. The study of Stem Cell has come a long way, especially in India. Results have proven beneficial for a number of physical and mental conditions, showing signs of large improvement. Going by the same, stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction has shown great hope as a cure for the condition. The Stem cell therapy works by injecting the male person’s stem cells into the tissues of their penis to create movement and functioning (erection) of the penis during sexual intercourse. It has been observed that stem cell therapy has worked in improving this condition among men and giving them much pleasure and longer erection compared to none before.

Prescribe Treatments

Stem cell treatment works well in cases of diabetes and nervous system related issues. If that is what is leading to your Erectile Dysfunction, then it can be cured through the process of Stem Cell therapy. The results of stem cell therapy become evident gradually. One may not notice the changes at the first time but as time passes, there will be definite changes in one’s condition. The study of stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India shows how beneficial it has been for men suffering from this condition. The process has been conducted through specialized centers that work closely in line with stem cell development in the country.


Today, a number of therapies are available for Erectile Dysfunction but not all are side effect proof. A lot many cases of implants, injecting has resulted in disasters for the patients. When it comes to stem cell therapy, it is a researched area that has been tested and shown promising results. The improvement noticed in patients goes to show how the process takes place organically in making the patient’s condition better. continues to work towards the study of stem cell therapy and it many cures, especially towards cases of Erectile Dysfunction. Seeing the positive changes that have been visible in a number of patients, the therapy has surely proven results. Patient’s own stem cells are very helpful towards the proper functioning of the erectile tissue in the penis. If the condition improves, one can also rely on prescribed stem cell supplements for further recovery. It may take longer but there is never a good short cut to recovery.

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