How is the cost of Stem Cell Therapy Determined?

With their ability to differentiate into different cells and replenish other cells in the body, stem cells have shown potential for curing many life-threatening diseases. There are some treatments offered by this therapy that are approved by the international health organisations. Also, many procedures are still under clinical trials for further research on their effectiveness. Taking an advantage of this scenario, there are some fake clinics claiming effective results within a short span and they quote unrealistic low prices for this therapy. In this regard, you should know that stem cell treatment is under research in many countries including India and it is a costly treatment due to the level of specialization that it requires. The cost of stem cell therapy in India is not covered by insurance. Hence, you should look for a reliable clinic that can provide comprehensive consultation about the effectiveness of this therapy for your medical conditions. In fact, its cost can vary due to many factors that include:

The Severity of Disease:

Depending on the individual medical condition of a patient and severity of disease, the cost of stem cell therapy can largely vary. In the case of this treatment, there is a different impact for various symptoms. Hence, the doctors assess the current medical conditions and probable riskĀ factorsaffecting the patient to decide the type of transplantation to be done. The costs will also differ accordingly.

The Type of Stem Cells:

The main types of stem cells used for treatment of different diseases include allogenic and autologous stem cells. In the former treatment, cord blood-derived Hematopoietic stem cells and cord tissue-derived Mesenchymal stem cells are used while autologous treatments include cultured limbal stem cells, cultured bone marrow cells, bone marrow-derived concentrate, and autologous cartilage implantation. Each type of cells has different cost of stem cell therapy in India. Specifically, in the case of allogenic stem cells, the treatment can be more expensive because these are the donated cells.

The Affected Areas That Need Treatment:

Different types of cells are processed and harvested in a lab to provide stem cell therapy to a patient. These cells have varying effect on the inflicted parts of the body. This factor plays a vital role in determining the cost of stem cell treatment. For example, treatment of joint replacement is cheaper than the treatment of spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy.

The Level of Facilities:

There are many hospitals in India that provide world-class treatment for various diseases using stem cell therapy. Depending on the facilities provided by these hospitals and the qualifications of the doctors performing the treatment, the cost of this treatment can largely differ from one place to another.

You should find a reputable institution to undergo this therapy at competitive prices and get proven results.


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