How to Use Stem Cell Therapy for Rheumatoid Treatment in India?

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The stem cell treatment has emerged as an effective method of curing many severe diseases including the orthopaedic conditions like rheumatic arthritis. In this autoimmune disease, the patients experience chronic inflammation of the joints. It can damage the joints and surrounding tissues. The middle-aged people are worst affected by this disease, although there is no age limit for its occurrence. If the immune system generates responses to the Type-1 collagen in the joints and tissues, it can result in acute damages.

The articular cartilage is a supporting structure of the bones. It has no capability to repair itself. This is where stem cell therapy can be used for rheumatoid treatment in India. It helps in repairing the defects through the formation of scar tissues.

The Conventional Treatments for Cartilage Defects:

Most of the surgical procedures for the treatment of this condition entail arthroscopic methods. In this procedure, a small incision is made by the surgeon around the affected joint. These incisions can be bigger for the conditions when the surgeon needs more direct access to the joint. A rheumatoid surgery may be required for severe joint problems including ligament tears. However, these treatments are found effective only for the smaller injuries. They are minor osteoarthritis treatment that isn’t suitable for major injuries.

How Can Stem Cells Help?

The rheumatoid problems can be treated with the help of treatment protocols including immune suppressive agents, biologics, and anti-rheumatic drugs. However, they may fail to address the severe damages in the joints and tissues surrounding them. The stem cell therapy has been tried on the animal samples for studying their effectiveness in the treatment of these conditions. These samples were diagnosed with different forms of arthritis and stem cells were found effective for modulating the immune system of the body to fight the disease.

The Type of Stem Cells Used in the Treatment:

The adult stem cells extracted from human umbilical cord tissues are used for rheumatoid treatment in India. These cells called Mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs are recovered from the donated cords after a normal and healthy childbirth. At a reliable treatment centre, the medical history of the mother is evaluated and these cells are taken with the consent of her family. These derived cells are then examined for any infections. This is followed by the identification of cells having high anti-inflammatory capabilities to induce the regeneration.

The MSCs can heal the inflamed tissue and it helps in producing anti-inflammatory mediators. They promote the production of T-regulatory immune cells to protect the entire body from any immunological effects.
There are many reasons to promote the use of stem cells for treating the rheumatoid diseases including cartilage injuries. The mesenchymal cells have lesser chances of being rejected and allogeneic cells can be injected repeatedly over a time period. But, it still needs a lot of research.

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