Liver Cirrhosis, Symptoms and Cure


Chronic liver cirrhosis is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. It is a type of degenerative disorder that is caused due to liver damage. The healthy cells in the liver are damaged and they are replaced with scar tissues. It is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol or chronic hepatitis. As the liver comprises of many cells that are damaged, the blood does not flow normally into the liver. So, the blood finds another path to return to the heart. So, the blood starts moving towards the veins of the esophagus and stomach and hence the pressure in the blood cells increase. This process is known as varices.

At this stage, many scars are formed in the liver. Usually, even if the person consumes excessive alcohol, the body tries to repair the damaged tissues of the body. But, when scar tissues are formed, then the body cannot repair by themselves. Hence, the liver does not function properly. This disease cannot be diagnosed at the earliest, otherwise, it can even become fatal.

If the person undergoes treatment at the earliest, then the further damage can be prevented. Otherwise, the disease progresses, but it can rarely disappear.

Following are the symptoms of people suffering from liver cirrhosis:

  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss
  • Itchy skin
  • Fatigue
  • Fluid in the abdominal area
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Women may not experience periods
  • Loss of appetite

So, if the person experiences the following symptoms, then he or she should visit doctor immediately. The chronic liver disease India is caused due to many other problems such as alcohol, excessive use of beverage etc

Some of the causes of this disease include chronic alcohol consumption, poorly functioning bile ducts, building iron in the body, destructive bile ducts, scarring of bile ducts etc.


The liver in the body weight about three pounds and it is one of the largest internal organs. It produces bile juice that is essential for digestion. The liver also regulates different nutrients in the body such as protein, fat, and sugar that enter into the bloodstream. So, if the liver is damaged, then the large food particles cannot be broken down. Also, it cannot detoxify harmful chemicals in the body and the person is more susceptible to infection.

Sometimes, the large mass of the patient is removed and yet the organ can function with effectiveness. The person can yet lead a healthy life for some years and live peacefully.

The person who experiences any symptoms should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

They should undergo a routine blood test. They should perform several imaging and laboratory tests.

The doctors usually suggest for the following tests

1. Laboratory test to test certain enzymes in the body

2. Imaging tests for non-invasive imaging test detects

3. Biopsy to access the extent of liver damage

To minimize the damage caused by liver cirrhosis, the person should undergo the following treatment

Weight loss: if they lose weight and control their sugar level, then they may become healthier than before

Medications: Such person can always consume medications so that they can prevent Hepatitis B or C.

Stop consuming alcohol: Such people can become healthier than before by not consuming alcohol. They should visit the doctor and follow a specific treatment program

In India, today nearly 34% consume alcohol and according to the survey conducted by multi-centric study 33% suffer from chronic liver disease. The chronic liver disease India is caused mainly due to consumption of alcohol.

The liver cirrhosis treatment in Delhi can be availed easily because many doctors are available. Some doctors are specialized in gastroenterology, whereas some doctors are specialized in digestive and liver diseases, whereas some doctors are specialized in some other fields.

Stem cell therapy in India is also provided for the disease.

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