Muscular dystrophy treatment, symptoms and treatment


Muscular dystrophy is a disorder that is characterized by loss of muscle mass. Due to this loss, the person feels constantly weak. Young boys suffer from Duchenne dystrophy and they can experience this problem in their adulthood also.

This problem is caused by the mutation of genetics that impairs the production of muscle protein. In this way, the patient is not able to build healthy muscles in the body. So, the body is not able to produce sufficient proteins in the body.

Later on, due to this problem, the bones gradually began to degenerate. Then, some people even experience severe problems such as poor heart functioning, difficulty breathing, etc. Some people are mildly affected by this problem, whereas some people are moderately affected. Yet, some other people are affected severely.

Some of the common symptoms of muscular dystrophy are:

• Poor body posture

• Difficulty in walking

• Weakening of bones

• Problems to swallow

• Difficulty to stand up

• Scoliosis

• Falling frequently

Some people suffer from congenital muscular dystrophy and such children usually exhibit the following symptoms

• Foot deformities

• Difficulty in swallowing and breathing

• Vision problem or speech problems

• Some of the children are intellectually impaired also.


Diagnosing muscular dystrophy

Diagnosis is done at the following stages

• Tracing the symptoms

• Accessing the family history of the patient

• Blood tests

• Physical examination/p>

• Muscle biopsy and a sample of tissue is taken for sampling.

• The doctors may also suggest some different tests.


The medical experts state that this condition cannot be cured, but yet by undertaking treatment, the patients can improve their conditions.

Providing assistance for mobility: The physiotherapists can recommend some exercises to improve body posture and gait. The orthopedics can provide some physical aid so that the person can walk easily.

Surgeries: The person cannot get completely cured, but they can improve body movements and posture. The deformities can be corrected such as scoliosis.

The doctors also prescribe medications such as ACE inhibitors, beta-brokers or steroids to improve muscle strength. Such medications cure heart problems also.

Several charities and organizations across the world help the people who are affected by muscular dystrophy and such organizations comprise of support groups.

Such patients also undergo stem cell therapy.

Usually, the muscle cells known as satellite cells create myoblast cells that help in repairing the damaged muscles. So, such persons do not produce enough myoblasts and the cells become quickly depleted. So, the stem cells that are implemented into the body help them to produce enough cells that are required for healthy functioning.

The person can get the following benefits from stem cell therapy

The stem cells without genetic defect are delivered to the patient’s muscles and hence the muscle fibers that are produced are healthier.

Due to muscular dystrophy, the muscles become inflamed because they are damaged. This problem leads to muscular degeneration. So, due to stem cell therapy, the production of harmful chemicals during the process of muscular dystrophy is reduced. Hence, the person does not experience acute pain as before.

Some other therapeutic strategies are followed such as the gene-therapy, or small-molecular drug to repair the genes that are damaged.

Some of the proven useful stem cell supplements for muscular dystrophy treatment in India are Stem Cell 100, Enzymedica, Stem Cell, 60 etc. These supplements provide some short-term benefits to the person. They help in rejuvenating the body and slow the aging process. They rejuvenate the old tissues and cells of the body. The person can feel energetic and fresh.

They reduce the chronic pain caused to the muscles and joints. They help in increasing functionality, motion and quality of sleep. They can increase collagen in the body to improve functioning. Many people in India are also able to avail stem cell treatment in India.

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