Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Cartilage Defects

Knee Cartilage

The stem cells have emerged as a potential treatment for many types of illnesses. Due to the advancement and progress made in this field, many critical diseases have been cured successfully in the clinical trials. Major developments have been made in the past two decades when researchers delved deeper into the clinical capabilities of stem cell therapy in India. Due to its regenerative and therapeutic effects, this therapy can be used for repairing the cartilage defects, especially in the articular cartilage.

Over time, this type of cartilage wears due to several factors like age, injury, or strain. The defects can be repaired by forming the scar tissues from the subchondral bone. Articular cartilage doesn’t have blood supply through the nerves. As such, it has limited capacity to regenerate on its own.

Existing Treatment of Articular Cartilage Repair:

There are many treatments to restore and repair the defects in articular cartilage. Mostly, these treatments are done arthroscopically. During this procedure, surgeon makes small incisions with an arthroscope. In some severe cases, they may need a direct access to the affected area if a larger incision is required. This condition becomes necessary in the problems like ligament injuries.

The treatment through arthroscopic procedure is lesser painful and more effective. However, most of the techniques used in this procedure are suitable for a smaller defect. For major issues, you need a proper treatment like stem cell therapy in India.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help in Articular Cartilage Repair?

The mesenchymal stem cells can regenerate the cartilage tissues that are damaged in the articular cartilage. These cells are transplanted through arthroscopic procedure to treat major osteoarthritis or cartilage defects. They have the capability to regenerate the cartilage tissues for supporting the complete weight after the treatment. The cells are transplanted into the affected area and patients can return to their normal lifestyle with complete mobility after complete recovery.

How Should You Take Post-Operative Care?

Thereafter, exercise with a passive motion to prevent the stiffness in the joints. Avoid weight bearing for 2-3 months and physiotherapy is must after stem cell therapy which provide better results or improvements.. The recovery period varies from one patient to another. Mostly, the patients can perform their daily activities even from the next day but this treatment takes time to recover damaged cartilage which is in between 4-6 months time to complete recovery.

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