What is the Efficacy of Stem Cells for Motor Neuron Disease Treatment?

Motor Neuron

The fatal MND or Motor Neuron Disease is a neurodegenerative condition that affects the overall functioning of the body. Motor neurons can be understood as nerve cells that control the movement of muscles. These cells carry the signals from the brain to the muscles in the body and facilitate movements using them. If motor neurons fail in their functioning, the person can experience extreme conditions and problems in simple movements like walking, speaking, standing, swallowing, and turning.

This condition results in a progressive neurological degenerative disease that causes fatal damages to the motor neurons. Many research studies and clinical trial have been conducted to understand the effectiveness of various therapies for motor neuron disease treatment. Stem cell therapy offers a lot of potential in these studies.

The Main Types of Motor Neuron Disease:

This acute illness can occur in four different types, each of them having a specific impact on the motor neurons.

1. Progressive Muscular Atrophy or PMA is a condition that affects lower neurons in the spinal cord.
2. Progressive Bulbar Palsy or PBP is a condition damaging the lower neurons in brain stems.
3. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a condition affecting both upper and lower neurons.
4. Lastly, Primary Lateral Sclerosis or PLS has an impact only on lower neurons.

Despite all the research, it is still quite intimidating to find the real cause of MND. This disease can be inherited from the parents in more than 10% cases.

What is the Possibility of Stem Cells for MND Treatment?

The progression of MND can’t be controlled with prescription medications. Therefore, many progressive advancements have been made to research the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for motor neuron disease treatment. It requires a focus on the changes that may be occurring simultaneously in the body. The doctors are looking to find a treatment that can repair the neurons and reverse the influence of disabling systems in the patients. Different types of stem cells are used for exploring the possibilities of this treatment.

When the cells in the nervous system are damaged, motor neuron disease happens. These cells can’t be accessed easily due to which research has been made to assess the effectiveness of stem cells for controlling this problem. In the stem cell therapy, the skin cells are transformed into pluripotent stem cells. They are artificially programmed and used for making motor neurons.

This treatment causes some challenges for the medical practitioners. There is a complex circuit inside the nervous system to enable control of the movement. When new cells are transplanted into this system, they have a specific role to play that must be clearly specified.
As a matter of fact, treatment of motor neuron disease with the help of stem cells is still under clinical research to prove its effectiveness.

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