What Is the Future of Stem Cell Therapy in India?

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Stem cell therapy has shown potential to cure many severe ailments. It is touted as future of medical treatments. Many new presents are preserving the stem cells of their newborn child to ensure their proper treatment when they grow up. These cells are called as the basic cells of our body. Even they are derived from the bone marrow or adipose also besides umbilical cord. Stem cells have the power to differentiate into any type of tissue cell found in the human body. The stem cell therapy in India has become popular due to the effectiveness of treatment.

What Are The Diseases That Can Be Cured With Stem Cells?

The stem cell therapy applies the principle that these cells migrate to the site of an injury or disease and get differentiated for making the new tissue cells to replace the damaged ones. They can multiply and renew to form mature cells.
They have proved effective in the treatment of blood disorders, immune disorders, metabolic problems, and other organ degenerated diseases. Many ongoing clinical trials are suggesting its ability to cure the diseases like Parkinson’s, Liver cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s, Hydrocephalus, Traumatic brain injuries, and strokes. Many types of research are conducted in India for studying its effectiveness for treatment of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Other diseases that can be cured using stem cell therapy in India are peripheral nerve injury, reduced eyesight, paralysis, hip joint disorder, and heart failure.

The Procedure for Stem Cell Therapy:

In India, stem cell therapy is available at prestigious hospitals and institutes having high-end technology and equipment for this treatment.

Collection of Bone Marrow:

We aspirate bone marrow stem cell concentrate volume in between 60-120 ml through bone marrow aspirate needle (Jamshidi) and then separate this stem cell concentrate through FDA approved device such as Sepax-2 and Harvest.

“Bone marrow-derived stem cells concentrate (BMSCs)” provide a rich growth factor environment that may enhance the new blood vessel formation and contains all types of regenerative cells including:-

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs):- MSCs which differentiate into many types of cells such as Neuron, cartilage, muscle and so more and also provide immune regulatory property.

Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs):- HSCs which differentiate into all types of blood cells and also provide enhance environment for MSCs activation.

Endothelial Stem Cells (ESCs):– ESCs which differentiate into all types of blood vessels.

Platelets: –

  1. To modulate the regeneration process
  2. Recruit bone marrow progenitor cells to loci of injury
  3. Provide adhesion site for stem cells
  4. Platelets fibrin provides migration highway at the site of injury

Implantation of Stem Cells:

This is the process when the specialist will administer the processed stem cells to a patient at the injury site.

The Future of Stem Cell Treatment in India:

The list of diseases that can be cured with this therapy is increasing. The scientists are studying the possibilities of using cord blood stem cells for curing life-threatening diseases. In India, there are many research institutes and organisations engaged in the clinical trial of this therapy for understanding its impact and long-term efficiency.

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