Cerebellar Ataxia: Causes and Symptoms That You Should Know


Before understanding the symptoms and causes of cerebellar ataxia, you have to understand what ataxia is in the first place. It is referred to as the lack of coordination among the voluntary movements or muscle control. Ataxia will have an impact on various normal movements of the muscles. You will find it difficult to speak or move your eyes or even swallow your food.

If you are having ataxia for a lengthy period of time it will cause an impact on the muscles which controls the coordination in your body. There are many things which can lead to cerebellar ataxia such as certain medications, too much alcohol consumption, tumour, stroke, degenerative brain cells, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy. Also, you can get cerebellar ataxia due to hereditary reasons.

Cerebellar ataxia treatment in Delhi will depend on the exact cause of the condition. Stem cell therapy can also be highly effective in treating this cerebellar ataxia. Therefore, in this article, let’s discuss the causes and symptoms of this dreadful medical condition, cerebellar ataxia.

Symptoms of Cerebellar Ataxia

Cerebellar ataxia is one of those diseases that could creep in gradually or appear without any prior notice. You will get heaps of neurological disorder signs when you face cerebellar ataxia. Some of the symptoms for cerebellar ataxia include:

• Lack of coordination in movements

• Inability to walk steadily or stumbling regularly while walking

• Having difficulty in writing, eating or even butting shirts

• Changes in the style of speaking

• Uncontrolled back and front eye movement which is also known as nystagmus

• Having trouble in swallowing food

• Fumbling to hold on to things in the hands

When You Should Go to a Doctor

Many people don’t have the conditions such as stroke, or tumour which can lead to cerebellar ataxia. However, you should visit your doctor if you face the following situations:

• Losing balance while performing normal activities

• Muscles are not coordinating in your arm, hand, and leg

• Stumble quite often while walking

• Failing to speak properly

• Cannot swallow the foods easily

There is a very good chance that your doctor might tell you to go for stem cell treatment for cerebellar ataxia because, at the present moment, it is perhaps the most effective way of treating cerebellar ataxia.


Causes of cerebellar ataxia

Well, it is quite difficult to point out a single cause for cerebellar ataxia because there are many medical conditions and also certain medication that could lead to this disastrous disease. However, let’s discuss some of those causes which might help to get proper cerebellar ataxia treatment in India.

• Injury to the Head or Spinal Cord: One of the most common causes of cerebellar ataxia is the injury to your head and spinal cord. Such injuries can be attained through car accidents which will suddenly cause cerebellar ataxia.

• Stroke: When you get a stroke, the blood supply in your brain cells reduces significantly and because of that, the brain cells will start to die out. This can also cause severe cerebellar ataxia.

• Cerebral Palsy: It happens to an early age of a child when the body movements fail to coordinate properly due to damage to the brain of the child and cause cerebellar ataxia.

• Tumour: If a tumour grows in the brain, whether it is cancerous or not, has the ability to damage the cerebellum which will lead to cerebellar ataxia.

Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebellar Ataxia

As we know that there is still currently no treatment option available to even stabilize this disease progression but stem cell treatment is the only and last treatment option, which can stop this disease progression and also regenerate and repair this brain damaged cells and improve overall all physical problems.

We transplant mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) via intrathecal or lumbar puncture in case of all neurological disorders. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is multipotent stem cells and provide very good recovery because MSCs is the multipotent cell that can differentiate into neurons progenitor cells and also activate brain to regenerate itself.

Final Thoughts

If you or any of your friends or family is suffering from cerebellar ataxia then stem cell therapy in Delhi could be a great option to treat this medical condition. Take help from the best doctors for stem cell therapy as they will guide you properly.

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